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Dragon Race is a W.I.P. game in the making by Sparksdragon. Theres two kinds of pages, Cannon and Ideas, there self explanatory. You can only make Idea because there non canon.

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DR finale boss spoiler

Spoilers Edit

Sparks' bad drawing of the finale boss
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Staff Edit

Peashooter and sunflower (founder) (aka PAS) (dead It's alive) (spriter)

Sparksdragon (co-founder) (aka Dragon) (crater of this game) 

Dabbado (Sparks' Alt Account, She lost her previous password.) 

ZeroByteS (aka Pixel on youtube) (now coder)


LunarExplosion (aka Robyn) (admin)


no modsEdit

Developers Edit

Sparksdragon (story and idea person, musician, created the idea)

Peashooter and sunflower (spriter)

LunarExplosion (ideaist)


Latest activityEdit

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Pum, one of the main Charas

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