Main Rules Edit

No sockpuppeting

No sex or porn images

Don't cyber bully

Respect people

Cursing is allowed but words like cunt and rape are not

Don't ask to be Staff

If staff tells you to stop, stop

No spamming

No putting Ideas as Cannon or versa visa

Idea Guidelines Edit

Must have Ownership on top

No OP Charas (Characters)

You can ask for a sprite, as long as you ether have a good Description On The Page or a Drawing of it to share

Can't be cannon unless its Ok'ed by 2/3 staff or you win a Idea Contest

Must be Neat and Orderly

See Example

Pun/ishments (pun fuley intended) Edit

Note that these depend on the rule broken

1st, warning

2nd, last warning

3rd, kick

4th, last kick

5th, hour ban

6th, day ban

7th, week ban

8th, month ban

9th, year ban

10th, infiney ban